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Products Management System

Products Management System

The RFID Products Management System traces and manages the product in real time through the life time of the product (from production to storage, use, and destruction), by attaching a tag to the product.
Product movement and management are recorded as data for easy management and inventory control, and management cost reduction, by attaching a RFID tag for automatic recognition.

Key features

- Inventory check: Checks quantity in the record periodically.
- History inquiry: Work history inquiry by media and date (including gate passing-through history)/unauthorized taking in/out history inquiry
- Notifying unauthorized taking in/out: Notifies unauthorized taking in/out to the system administrator.

Expected effects

- Manages various products efficiently.
- Provides quality data.
- Reduces labor costs.
- Saves time and labor costs by reducing time required for business.
- Security accounting transparency by understanding the asset in kind statistically.
- Quickly understand the current inventory situation.
- Improving management convenience, such as warehousing, transfer, destruction, and lending.
The system can be developed at any places that need products (assets) management, such as the factory, enterprise, facility, or organization. As the products (assets) of the organization can be understood statistically, accounting transparency and the current situation of the possessing products can be understood quickly.