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Secret Document Management System

Secret Document Management System

The RFID secret document management system tracks and manages secret documents in real-time by attaching a RFID tag on the secret document. Movement and management details can be saved as the data for easy management and inventory control, resulting in management cost reduction.

Main Features

- Control the taking-in of the secret document/ commercial information and communication device
- Search for lost secret documents
- Administrative processing of the secret document
- Manage the secret document logbook
- Protect the secret document logbook

Expected Effects

- Efficient management of secret documents
- Reduces labor costs
- Secures transparent management with a statistical understanding
- Quick understanding of the status of secret documents
- Improves management convenience, such as warehousing, transfer, confiscation, and lending
The efficiency of secret document management can be improved by securing visibility in managing the vast quantity of secret documents by introducing the RFID technology; enhancing promptness and efficiency by automating work; and developing an advanced system by applying proven technologies.