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Smart-Care System

Smart-Care System

The Smart-Care System for solitary senior citizens is a smart device App that the life manager can always carry with when visiting a solitary senior citizen, and provides three major caring services - health, environment, and welfare.

Solitary Senior Citizens Management System

1) Healthcare
Transferring and sharing the present condition (photo and video) when visiting the elderly.
- Supports health examination and taking actions, and history inquiry, using shared images and information.
2) Environment care
Images and information on the area in the house that needs repair (location coordinates, mapping): Sending the location of 119 in an emergency.
- Checks the present condition of the house, supports malfunction repair and checks details, and supports a present condition.
3) Welfare care
Sharing the information on the visit of life manager, and information of solitary senior citizens
- The visit status (office attendance details) and elderly citizen information can be shared, and business can be reported efficiently.

Expected effects

The smart care system for solitary senior citizens can easily perform the registration of solitary senior citizens, information monitoring, field support, data utilization, and history management. The system also enables a one-stop system by integrating management.