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Smart Conveyor Management System


Smart Conveyor Management System

Smart conveyor management system is a system that unifies data collection through IoT sensing such as product type, volume, weight, image information, and barcode during a series of processes. IoT sensor data convergence analysis technology allows product information to be easily managed by separating product information through equipment such as weight measurement, barcode recognition, volume measurement, etc., easy inventory management, and reduced management costs.

Key features

-Anywhere in the conveyor, any sensor can be attached to output data.
-Data-Manageable Motoring Control and Cloud Services
-If anyone enters or leaves, the ultrasonic sensors detect it and sound an alarm to ensure the safety of the operator.
-Operator management including facial/card recognition/fingerprint recognition

Expected effects

-Reduced labor costs
-Improve business efficiency
-Rapid inventory and commodity management

4STEC's Smart RFID / IoT Middle enables real-time management and monitoring of a series of data generated during the conveyor process to maximize the efficiency and ease of management of logistics management.