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Smart L.vit

Smart L.vit

1. SMART L.vit Toy Block
The smart L.vit toy block is a convergence digital toy that combines the eco-friendly material “LED” and ICT technology with traditional legacy toy “Lego” blocks.
2. SMART L.vit Sign Block
The re-usable LED block sign technology that can be re-used by applying individual connection function to each block by integrating the LED module and sign apparatus.
3. SMART L.vit Interior Block
User-oriented LED blocks for interior. LED colors can be changed and divers event effects can be applied, using computer programs.

Key features

- Convergence of the eco-friendly material “LED” and ICT.
- Colors are changed by supplying a small MCU and power to the main panel of the block, and installing the communication function in the smart phone or computer.
- Developed to use contents continuously, using various programs (flashing, lighting, etc.).

Expected effects

The SMART L.vit LED block can be utilized in various ways (e.g., toy, teaching materials, interior for decoration, and auxiliary device for treatment). This product can be manufactured and assembled manually. As a result, the consumer can select use conveniently.