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Storage Media Management System

Storage Media Management System

The RFID storage media management system can improve the accuracy of electronic media management and increase stability and convenience by computerizing the management of the storage media (security, application, keeping, dissipation, destruction, taking in/out, etc.)

Key features

- Media registration: Processes the interface between the media ID and RFID tag using a portable reader.
- Management: Application for internal/external movement and approval, and processing of approved taking in/out using a portable reader.
- Lot test: Runs a lot test by scheduling a lot test/checking lot test equipment.
(conditional search processing with location and media type)/list processing if the media other than the target is recognized/sets the location of the recognized media and save the location.
- Real-time location tracking: Checks real-time location movement, such as destruction management, history inquiry, unauthorized taking in/out notification.
- Online/Offline data management

Expected effects

Provides excellent security because data accuracy can be secured by managing storage media application/history of the use media in an integrated manner. Enterprises and organizations can manage the customer information easily, and work load can be reduced by simplifying the management of tapes containing the information.