Middleware designed to link the tag data, which is collected from the RFID reader, with the system. This middleware is designed to control fixed type RFID reader deployed in each hub, and manage and monitor the entire RFID infrastructure. Also, the standardized interface is provided that can manage and control RFID equipment, and manage filtered RFID events.


Java-based RFID distributed middleware structure, which can support high performance data throughput and high scalability, and various security functions such as SOAP-based communication, secure report transfer, and access control to service resources.

READER ↔ Edge M/W ↔ Integration M/W ↔ legacy

Key features

- Supports the reader proxy function (multi-RFID device support) to support various RFID readers.
- Supports a dispersed management environment with edge/integration structure to process data efficiently.
- Provides a function of setting various tag recognition filtering rules, depending on the environment of applying business.
- Supports the EPC Global’s ALE (Application Level Events) v1.0 standard
- Provides EPC standard information service to link with various legacy systems.
- Supports various interfaces to link with applications (HTTP, TCP/IP, SMTP, etc.)
- Software that is indispensable for various RFID solution development (e.g., logistics, port, military, distribution, etc.), by providing general purpose characteristics.