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Urban Facility Management System

Urban Facility Management System

This technology has been applied to the IoT-based national urban facility management system, which shows the location information on the map by checking the location of the pertinent facility using the gyroscope sensor, GPS, and terrestrial magnetism sensor.

System implementation process

1. Photographing a facility: Mapping the smart device video information to register the facility + GIS information
2. Measuring distance/azimuth: Measuring distance/azimuth using trigonometrical function.
3. Mapping the location map: Measuring distance and mapping the location information map, using the smart device.
4. Checking reporting and repair: The photographed facility together with the information can be checked on the web site after uploading, and the repair status can be viewed.

Expected effects

The location information of the broken facility and status information can be checked by displaying the facility location using the App. The user can maximize convenience and efficiency at work by retrieving the repair status in real time and checking the status (before/after breakdown, repair check).